Automatic Transmission Service

Changing automatic transmission fluid may improve your vehicle’s performance and help prevent expensive transmission repairs.

At All Tune and Lube our Automatic Transmission Service includes:
• Drain or evacuate automatic transmission fluid
• Inspect external seals and components
• Remove & clean transmission pan, replace gasket, and check filters or screen
• Replace automatic transmission fluid

Have you noticed your vehicle’s transmission slipping, delayed engagement, grinding/noises, harsh shift, or leaks? If so, bring in your vehicle for our FREE Transystem Check™.
This service includes:
• Checking all the external adjustments
• Performing a road test
• Checking the level and condition of the transmission fluid
• Inspecting all leak points

Services Available:
• External & Computer Diagnostic Service
• Fluid & Filter Services
• Reseal Service
• Clutch Replacements
• Rebuild or Remanufactured Transmission Replacement

Our Remanufactured Transmissions come with Nationwide warranties.
Most vehicles / when applicable.